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[Chinese shoes Network - Domestic News of profiteering, Jinan two nephew hesitate to take risks, the sale of counterfeit "Nike" brand sports shoes. Reporters on the 18th from the Jinan City flyover police that the flyover police on May 17 during the work on the area of ??the fire units examined, found in a warehouse a selling counterfeit brand-name sports shoes dens, on the spot and seized counterfeit "Nike" brand 5244 pairs of sneakers, involving more than 200 million yuan worth as much. Currently, the two suspects have been released on bail by the cheap jordans online police according to the law. May 17 morning, the Jinan Municipal Public Security Bureau authorities flyover zone Luokou police and community police station of the area together with the fire inspection units, found within a factory, a warehouse stacked with a lot of shoe rental, a variety store brand sports shoes. When the police opened the shoe box to be checked, but found them tricky - which marked "sport" trademark was actually shoebox filled with counterfeit "Nike" shoes. Subsequently, the police will be responsible for guarding the wareh Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ouse immediately suspect Zhang (male, 28 years old, Jiyang people) captured, and inventory of counterfeit "Nike" sneakers were seized. After inventory, the police seized counterfeit "Nike" brand sports shoes 5244 pairs. Zhang suspects see not deny, inform the police, together with a true account of his uncle Zhang Mouzhong (male, 40 years old, Jiyang people) at a price of 35 yuan to 25 yuan per pair bought a large number of counterfeit "Nike" brand campaign shoes, after then, ranging from 30 to 50 yuan per pair price of wholesale or retail to the cu Cheap air jordan 12 ovo stomer, illegal profits of crime. However, a similar style of genuine "Nike" brand sports shoes market price per pair mostly in more than 500 yuan. As profiteering, Shu Zhiliang hesitate to take risks, the sale of counterfeit "Nike" brand sports shoes. In order to avoid public security organ, that nephew Zhang was arrested suspect Zhang Mouzhong always initially refused to show up. Police made contact with Zhang Mouzhong family, made it clear that the stakes to persuade Zhang Mouzhong surrender. The same day (May 17) 22 am, the suspect Zhang Mouzh cheap jordans for sale ong under pressure, came to the police station to surrender Luokou. Upon review, the suspect ????? them since 2012, together with his nephew Zhang store, selling counterfeit "Nike" sneakers confessed to the crime. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partners: Apparel IT) 2012-3-24 10:07 upload and download the attachment (232.09 KB) perhaps its own brand of members of the Chris Paul Air Jordan CP3 series Brand Jordan to understand a lot, but as the main brand endorsement, he will also pick Retro jordans for sale some shoes classic custom is a most dazzling player in the field of version boots. This time we see the color version of Chris is home court players - Paul era Air Jordan XX3 Hornets shoes, we all know that Air Jordan XX3 is Nike Nike Considered to create the company's first according to the design concept of basketball shoes. This shoe body with white leather shoes color, covered with thorns, color green water, green water in TPU from the bottom heel extended to the lateral forefoot, shoes firmly fixed. The design is the number 3 on the back of ton Cheap air jordans for sale gue and the shoe body golden car line more dazzling, more reflects the feeling of luxury. Compared to the previous color, do not know how you feel about this paragraph? in 1976 since the California track featured brand stores, RonHerman is about to visit Tokyo in August 28th in the north of the local Castle set up a local new overseas shop. In addition to the opening day of the mastermind JAPAN and a series of joint single product, Fenom has published a Levi's Crush Shorts in Hiroshi. Recently destroyed denim shorts in the first person blog the fail cheap foamposites ure to disclose it shorts, waist can see the diamond design eye-catching, besides washing and destruction remains the usual high standard design texture, and on the side pocket above the low-key lightning and gold embroidery, leather standard is the key. I believe the majority of fans absolutely excited Fenom the NBA today for a total of six games, curry again staged dunk, the game with 26 points help the warriors won the season the 67 wins, breaking the Bulls' 72 wins record be far behind?? Rocket Knight reversed the game, James sat watching the w cheap jordan shoes for men all. Batum three double to help the Hornets beat 76 people, magic kuangtu home court nets, Gordon again guards dunk. Truce Durant, Westbrook 20 iron, thunder edged piston, Jimmy Butler hit a winner helped the Bulls beat walk. Love Nike - Hyperdunk 2015KevinHarden Adidas - Crazy Light Boost James 2.5 PERose Adidas - D Rose Derrick 6 PEBoostAriza Nike - Zoom HyperRev 2016TrevorWestbrook Air - Jordan XXX PERussellMorris Nike - LeBron 13MarcusMorris Nike - Air Foamposite OneMarkieffGordon Nike - Zoom HyperRev 2016AaronJackson Kyrie - 2ReggieGreen Nike - cheap jordans for sale mens Zoom HyperRev 2016DraymondJames LeBron -??? Irving Kyrie - 1Kyriepictures from NBA China's official website& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] This pair of shoes in appearance indistinguishable from conventional running shoes, the moment when Marty put it, call out loudly, shoes automatically tightened. Leaving Marty surprise is that it has also tied the shoelaces! "Great!" Exclaimed Marty. This is the American science fiction film "Back to the Future 2" in the scene, this pair of magical shoes make a lot of science fic Retro jordans for sale tion fans impressed. Interestingly, a smart upcoming Nike running shoes, this sci-fi world will become a reality props. Wear it, you can also become a protagonist of the film. Nike a designer recently said that they will release a can automatically tie his shoes. The shoes which contains a sensor detecting ankle, when sensed pressure, shoes behind "small motor" will promptly start, will automatically tie shoelaces, to achieve by the soles of the whole process of all the built-in embedded chip control. Even with the automatic tie his shoes, but if you want to view in the running route have stopped to pick up the phone to see the navigation, so cumbersome and unsafe. Smart shoes Lechal India will solve this problem you. The shoes can use Bluetooth to synchronize with your smartphone, you just tell the phone planning a trip to the destination, Lechal you can by foot vibration, the user is prompted forward. Lechal addition to more accurately record the distance and calorie consumption value, but also can recognize gestures or voice, just tell how many calories burned shoes and think it will for you to design the best exercise route. in the running when accidentally fell is very shameful thing, how to prevent such embarrassing surprises? And if standing firm in the event of a leg will not consciously be supported to prevent falling backward movement . And with unexpected situations, often too late to make the action has been falling. A smart shoes called B-Shoe soles installed in the insole pressure sensor, the drive unit and the microprocessor, when it is about to fall to the consumer anticipation of the moment, will automatically guide the user's leg stride to retreat steps to prevent the situation fall occur. In the future world, the technology elements will be used more and more in life, not just shoes, there will be more necessities are intelligent, an array of sports products will people overwhelmed. It is these technology products, so that science fiction become a reality, to make life enjoyable, let Kejizhiguang benefit of all mankind. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.) & Nbsp;

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